5 Children’s Picture Books That Inspire Kids to See The World

5 Children’s Picture Books That Inspire Kids to See The World

There’s something special about being the person who can inspire someone else to see the world, especially if that person is a child.

If you are passionate about travel and want to share that passion with the little one in your life - whether you’re a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, or grandparent - then this list of kid’s books is a good place to start.

I’ve put together a list of 5 children’s picture books that inspire kids to see the world so that you can give the gift of inspiring a future generation of wanderers. Have a look through - I bet you’ll feel a spark of wanderlust too!


1. Wally The Wandering Wallaby’s Around The World Adventure

by Lauren Mae Pelkey



Wally The Wandering Wallaby is a curious creature who wanders the globe in search of new experiences and new friends with a wide-open heart and mind. This 8-country around the world adventure takes children to Australia, Thailand, Japan, Italy, France, Tanzania, Mexico, and Peru where they can learn about the world’s many different cultures while experiencing the joy and magic of travel.


2. The Traveling Child Goes To Rio de Janeiro

By Monet Hambrick


The Traveling Child Goes to is a series based on two traveling sisters Jordyn and Kennedy. This series highlights the activities they did on each trip which will educate your child on the city or country as well as give you ideas for a vacation you may be planning to that destination.

***This book was written by fellow travel bloggers @thetravelingchild!


3. Where is Baby K?

by K.S. Daniels


The first of its series, Where is Baby K?, is a charmingly-illustrated book that will shine light on the first year of her life. Parents and children will transport themselves into the global travels of Baby K. Based on real adventures and photos from trips, little ones will explore famous places and landmarks reaching from the Far East to the Wild West.

4. Travel Guide For Monsters

by Lori Degman


Taking your monster on a road trip this summer? Or letting your favorite beast tag along on a family beach vacation? Wherever you and your monster are traveling, Travel Guide for Monsters is full of essential tips to help you both enjoy the sights from coast to coast--and avoid monster-related mishaps.


5. Let's Explore With Cor Cor

by Cory Lee


With a can-do attitude, Cor Cor shows that with enough determination anything is possible. Cor Cor's readers learn about places around the world, as he explores exciting destinations from his wheelchair. Whether admiring the northern lights in Iceland or meeting kangaroos in Australia, no adventure is off-limits.

***This book was written by fellow travel blogger @curbfreecorylee!



By: Lauren Pelkey 


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