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Say hello to Wally's resource section! Here teachers and parents can find FREE downloadable games, activites, and resources for their kids & students. Please visit the download links to download these free resources!

  • Wally's Valentine's Day Card!

    Print & cut along the dotted line for the perfect valentine to share with all of your friends and let them know that they mean the world to you!

  • Wally's Word Search

    Time to find some of Wally's favorite travel words! The words in the puzzle may be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward, or backward. Circle discovered words with different colors, and cross them off the list when you've found them!

  • Wally's Scavenger hunt

    Part of travel is observing the world around you. Put your observation skills to the test and see if you can find all of the words listed below in the pages of Wally The Wandering Wallaby's Around The World Adventure. Check them off as you go!

  • Wally's Pictures & Words

    Wally comes across many interesting people, places, foods, and things along his many travels. Can you identify the different pictures below? Compare the words and circle the one that best matches the illustration!

  • Wally's Word Mix

    Sometimes travel can put you in a mix - and so can these words! All words listed in this activity are travel-related. Can you put the letters in order to create the correct travel word?

  • Wally's Connect The Dots

    Connect the dots to create your travel friend Wally The Wandering Wallaby! Once you've connected the dots, color everything in to create your very own version of Wally and hang it on your wall!

  • Wally's Map Challenge

    Find the 8 countries that Wally visits on his Around the World Adventure & write the country name in the correct spot on the map. Then complete the country information sections to learn more about these amazing places!


Educational Resources

Teaching kids to see the world in a different way

Did you know that most kids learn from a world map that doesn't show the correct sizes of the continents? The map most of us learn about in school is called the Mercator Map.

The Mercator Map shows the correct SHAPE of the 7 continents, but it doesn't show the correct SIZE of the continents. In fact, the Mercator Map makes the entire African continent look smaller than Greenland, when in reality, Africa is about 14.5 times larger!

The map that Wally likes to teach is called the Gall-Peters Projection Map. Unlike the Mercator Map, the Gall-Peters Projection Map shows the correct SIZE of the continents but doesn't show the correct SHAPE.

For a long time, places like North America and Europe have appeared much larger than they actually are! Wally wants to teach you about the Gall-Peters Projection Map so that we can learn a new perspective, and learn about another way to see the world!

Have a look below at the side-by-side maps and compare the differences.

Wally's World Map

To encourage students to study the Gall-Peters Projection Map, Wally created his very own version! Wally World Maps are perfect for classroom or at-home learning!

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